Technology Solution Consultation for Business

  • Disaster recovery advisory: proactive data backup schema design and deployment
  • Email mailbox management; synchronized contact and calendars on a custom domain
  • WordPress website design and hosting (or whichever CMS fits the bill); custom HTML, CSS, and scripting
  • E-Commerce and digital payment gateway implementation
  • Microsoft Windows server and client environment support
  • Linux platform administration, support, and engineering
  • Documentation of existing technology assets, topology, and infrastructure function
  • Software and hardware licensing audit services
  • Security assessment and risk reporting; post-mortem computer-event forensic analysis
  • Infrastructure advisory and implementation: network wiring and backbone, wireless, CCTV
  • Potential recovery of missing, altered, deleted, or corrupt data (and coaching on continuity)
  • Assistance drafting and implementing business software solutions
  • Development-operations coaching; hands-on scripting for business task automation

Call the Cloudtrician if any of these services pique your interest.  Local and regional IT services are available to Gunnison and surrounding area businesses by appointment.  Remote consultation and work may be available for many services to any customer where feasible.